Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Just Sayin'

So...I can ignore my taxes this year (and a few years more) and then just say I'm sorry, and it's all good, right?


Monday, February 2, 2009

Credit Limit

I didn't get the sweater.

There's a cardigan that's been calling my name at one of my favorite stores. A soft, comfy, relaxed, cotton cardigan. Last week, it went on sale (finally!) and the store sent me a coupon for $25 off any order. I planned to order today.

But Saturday, the five-year-old came moping down the stairs with her music player. You remember--the CD player with two microphones we bought her for her birthday? The loud, headache-inducing kiddie karaoke machine? With the "High School Musical" CD? 

Dead. Dead music machine.

I replaced the batteries. Still dead. I shook it, poked at it, messed with it. Nothing.

Then I remembered. We'd tried to use an electric adapter with it during a recent playdate, when we ran out of C batteries (I rock that way), and it worked for a second, made a loud popping noise, and stopped. We fried it. And Saturday, my princess wanted to sing. 

This particular music machine has been discontinued. Hard to find, as they say. But I found one. God bless and keep Target. Course, it was $10 more than the last time I bought it. But fair and square, we were the ones who killed it--and that's an editorial "we," which means one person on particular is responsible.

This morning, I got online to buy my sweater. Saw the headlines--banks failing, companies closing. Thought about the one long-term contract I'm nervous about losing. Thought about saving vs. spending, and thought about how much my daughter loves to sing. Not play Wii, not mess with computers, not hole herself up with a cell phone and her thumbs to text all night long. Just sing. Loudly, and with abandon.

I ordered the music machine instead. It'll be here Thursday. In all its loud, headache-inducing glory.

There will be other sweaters. But she'll only be five this one time. 

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Best Superbowl Commercial